WhiskyFest Chicago Seminars

Seminar Schedule – WhiskyFest Chicago 2013

7:00 – 7:45 pm

Room A/B
Andy MacDonald
Distillery Manager | Glenmorangie
The Glenmorangie Cask Masters Seminar
Help the Glenmorangie Whisky Creation Team create a future Glenmorangie release.
For more details visit http://glenmorangie.com/caskmasters 

Room E/F
Stephanie Ridgway
Brand Ambassador | Highland Park
A Whisky Pairing Like No Other
Join Highland Park’s National Brand Ambassador, Steph Ridgway, as she guides you through a vertical pairing of two of the Orkney Island’s greatest gifts to the world…Highland Park Single Malt Scotch Whisky and handcrafted Orcadian Fudge. Experience how the smoky sweetness of the different age expressions is enhanced by the sweet, spiciness of this unique confection. A whisky like no other, paired with a candy like no other, each hailing from a place like no other…what could be better than that?

Room I/J
Ryan Burchett
Co-owner and Distiller | Mississippi River Distilling Company
Robert Birnecker, PhD
Founder | Koval Distillery
Paul Hletko
Founder and Distiller | Few Spirits
Bill Welter
Founder | Journeyman Distillery
Grain to Glass: Craft Distilling in the Heartland
As whiskey appreciation grows across the country, so does interest in small batch handcrafted spirits. Experience this wave of craft distilling up close and personal with the distillers from four premier Midwest micro-distilleries. Hear the stories of how they started their operations and the unique spin they’ve each put on their handmade whiskies.

7:45 – 8:30 pm

Room C/D
Iain McCallum
Malt Master | Morrison Bowmore Distillers
Johnnie Mundell
Brand Ambassador | Bowmore
Sea the Difference
The master Class equivalent of sitting in the splash zone at sea world. The Bowmore guys, Iain McCallum (the smart one) and Johnnie Mundell (the large one) will trade your participation for a series of unique pairings that will enhance your experience and understanding of Bowmore’s core range. We will then finish by leaving you with an extra special taste of what’s going on across the sea.
Shellfish allergies advised to pass.

Room G/H
Craig Beam
Master Distiller | Heaven Hill Distilleries
Bernie Lubbers 
Brand Ambassador | Heaven Hill Distilleries
Got Proof?
Mixologists and aficionados alike are singing the praises of high proof whiskeys as purer, more traditional expressions that also hold up well in cocktails. Join 7th Generation Master Distiller Craig Beam and Bernie Lubbers, Heaven Hill’s “Whiskey Professor”, as they explore and taste some of Heaven Hill Distilleries’ highest proof bottlings, including some new and rare releases. Give your palate a thrill—and don’t forget some water!

Room K/L
Ian Chang
Master Blender | Kavalan Distillery
The Rise of Kavalan Distillery
Join Master Blender, Ian Chang, as he introduces you to the history of Kavalan distillery. Learn how it all started and how quality whisky is produced in the subtropical climate of Taiwan.

8:30 – 9:15 pm

Room A/B
Gregor Mina
Brand Ambassador | Ardbeg
A Peaty Adventure with Ardbeg, The Ultimate Islay Malt

Room E/F
Craig Bridger
Brand Ambassador | The Glenlivet
The Glenlivet
Brand Ambassador Craig Bridger will take consumers through a tasting of all 6 marques in The Glenlivet core range to highlight why the distillery is the Single Malt That Started It All.

Room I/J
Stuart Hendry
Brand Heritage Manager | Glengoyne Distillery
Glengoyne: Production Secrets and Cask Selection Unmasked

Stuart would like to share the secrets of Scotland’s slowest distillation process and the benefits of using arguably the world’s finest maturation casks. You will enjoy a range of Glengoyne Highland Single Malt, including something special from the Glengoyne warehouses (assuming Stuart doesn’t consume it on the way across).

Seminar schedule is subject to change.